Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Been A While!

Hey there blog readers!

Before you bite my head off, yes I know, it's been quite some time since I've actually posted anything. Life got extremely busy. Since my last post [which was in MARCH!] a LOT has happened!

I got married in May. The wedding was pretty good, everyone told me they had fun. There were only a few little hiccups but they were mostly manageable. I enjoyed spending time with my mom while we were both drinking after the wedding - lol.

I photographed two weddings and did TONS of sessions last year. My business really boomed in September and I was extremely busy. I loved it though. My photography also improved a TON. I booked 3 weddings for 2013, all of which are in June in Peoria, lol. In the photography department, I'm pretty proud of myself :)

Corvin and Zander are both walking, talking, running, and destroying everything. They're my favorite little adorable trouble makers. I've loved watching Corvin learn his A, B, C's among many, many other things. Watching Zander's transformation from baby to toddler has also been absolutely amazing. I love being a mama - it's probably the best thing about my life and always will be.

I also lost 40 pounds or so last year. Go me! It took a lot of calorie counting and working out, but it was totally worth it. I still want to lose 20 more though...then I'll be happy with my size. least hopefully I will be. lol. Only time will tell, right?

Oh, and we moved away from Peoria, Illinois and now live in Wisconsin again! Not La Crosse, but South Milwaukee. It's not bad here, but I still miss my hometown area! Since we moved here though, I did decide to go back to school at MATC to get my EMT certification as somewhat of a back up plan in case anything were to happen. I'm good at photography and I make a small amount of money off of it, but it's not enough to pay all the bills. So back to school I go...better to be safe than sorry in my opinion!

On the sour side of things, my marriage took a turn for the worse. Long story short, Allyn made some very stupid decisions in October that cost him more than he imagined. We're going to try and work on things and we'll see how it goes. Marriage counseling may be in the near future in all honesty. It's unfortunate things had to turn out this way, but I'll dig myself out of this hole [just like I've always done in the past] and find a way back to happiness again sooner than later. Just need to figure out where that is first!

Stay tuned to see how my life unravels this year. I would really like to be able to blog a few times at a minimum. Writing makes me feel so much....lighter. It's my own little stress reliever so it might help me through the stressful, confusing, crazy, exciting, new, wild adventures I'm bound to have in 2013.

Wish me luck! Or say a prayer! I'll take either :)

♥ Taber Lacie

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