Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dreaming of...Toilets?

For the longest time, I've had some extremely weird and vivid dreams. I can remember them like they actually happened too. It's very strange. Allyn doesn't ever remember his dreams, so I guess I'm not sure if I'm the weird one, or he is. haha. I don't really have much to compare myself to though.

There are several dreams I remember having when I was a little kid. One of them I was in my grandma's camper and all the furniture in there started attacking me. Another dream I was on an alien spaceship walking around and I walked into a room where aliens were operating on my grandpa. Once they saw me they started chasing me. Like I said, very weird.

One of my 'teenage' dreams I remember extremely vividly was me driving up Grand Dad's Bluff in La Crosse when all of the sudden I had to swerve from hitting a deer. I was driving a gray Oldsmobile...a very old one at that. Then I saw myself flying off the cliff towards my death and just before I was supposed to hit the ground I woke up. Scariest part about that is I didn't own that car yet. I ended up buying that exact car a year or so later. Once I realized that, lets just say I never went up that bluff in that car!

I also have had weird dreams of me riding my bike in nothing but a bikini bottom...and I wasn't the only one doing this. It was like everyone in the world lost their tops. The neighborhood we were all riding in was one that's in my hometown, Holmen, but it was like an earthquake happened there and everything seemed dark and broken.

My most reoccurring dream though is extremely weird. My dream will start off with me doing something totally normal like talking with friends, working out, walking around, then all of the sudden I see 1, or sometimes many, toilets just sitting in the middle of a room. No stalls around them like in a public restroom, no walls, nothing. What do I do? I flippin' use it. In front of people. Like it's no big deal. No one around me seems to think it's a big deal either! In my head I think, 'wow this is kind of embarrassing, I should probably stop' - but I don't! How weird is that?? I've been told that probably means I have to go to the bathroom, but I'll wake up and I have no urge at all to go. I wish I knew what this weird dream meant because I have it all the time. If anyone knows, please feel free to tell me because quite frankly, I'm lost!

On another note, hopefully I'll be able to blog more often pretty soon. Zander is starting to become a little better with keeping himself entertained. Yay! I'm looking forward to him becoming just a tad more independent. I know he's only getting upset while I blog because he's bored...or because Corvin got jealous of the toy he was playing with and took it. Oh children....haha

Talk to you all soon!
♥ Taber

I know I haven't been posting many photos lately! Bad me :( but I have been practicing my editing skills! I took a class and if you ask me, CRAVE mentoring certainly paid off! I'm very happy with how this entire session turned out! :)

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