Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Motivation Has Escaped Me

I have a bit of a confession.

When I get stressed and overwhelmed, I do one of three things.

1) Get mad and yell.

2) Cry

3) Ignore all things making me stressed out/feeling overwhelmed.

I've definitely hit number 3 over the past month. Current things on my list of stresses:

1) Wedding planning

2) Trying to lose weight

3) Very needy children

4) Cooking, cleaning, other miscellaneous housework

5) Keeping up with a daily blog

6) Photography

Over the last few weeks, I've definitely backed away from several of my stresses. You all have probably noticed I'm not really keeping up with the blog so well, haha. My wedding and my kids are pretty much the only things getting too much attention right now. Photography is an on again off again stresser, depends on how many shoots I've been doing. I obviously still cook, but I'm doing a lot of lazy meals and Allyn has been the one doing the dishes lately. I kind of feel bad about that :/ I've even lost a lot of motivation to lose weight. Since I've hit 129 it's like I don't seem to care as much. I know I still do. I still want to get rid of all the post baby weight (only 10-11 more pounds to go!) but my Zumba Wii disk isn't working and....well I'm just making a stupid excuse at this point.

I feel like I need something to motivate myself again but I don't know what. I know the thought of all the stress is keeping me from getting everything done but I don't know what to do to get over that. Ugh. 

Hopefully I find my 'get r done' attitude again soon because I'm kind of on a time crunch here! Which is also stressing me out! Ahh! Anyone wanna come down to Peoria for a week and be my nanny so I can get things done? We'll feed you! :) haha

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to workout...my ondemand channel has some pretty intense kickboxing workouts I can do to kick this box back into action.

Talk to you all as soon as my life will allow me! 
♥ Taber

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  1. Hey love! not the greatest at giving advice but if I could put my 2¢ in, it would be to take time for yourself. I know that it probably sounds ridiculous since you can hardly find time to think, but just try and do things like buying a cute new bra for youself to make you feel pretty! or bring out the tom and jerrys once in awhile. Get in the habit of telling yourself that you are great!! Because sooner or later your mind will start to believe it. I think its great that you are writing because atleast you are releasing stress in someway. Never give up on yourself! youre beautiful and a talented person! :)